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Jul 25 2010

Christmas In July

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For a daylily hybridizer, yesterday was a lot like being a kid at Christmas.  There wasn’t much sleeping the night before, and each daylily afficionado participating in the SMDS Daylily show at Bordines was eagerly awaiting the sunrise to see what mother nature would present to them in their garden beds. 

Our long day started the [...]

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Jul 17 2010

Oh, Deer!

Living out in the country has it’s benefits:
There’s the wildlife we see nearly daily,

Our ability to keep backyard chickens,

the joy of watching my children interact with those chickens,

and even the experience of watching the wildlife interact with the chickens.
We are also able to keep a large garden…

…which supplies us with a daily bounty during the summer,

…and even into the Winter.

We see deer [...]

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Jun 28 2010

Flight Training

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Early this spring, our youngest found some plastic scraps leftover from an old portable greenhouse. 
And with a little help from Dad…

…he knew just what to do.

Up, up and away!

This may not end well.

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Jun 28 2010

A Blast From The Past

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Yesterday, we had a tornado warning.  The sirens sounded, so we went to the basement to hang out.  Away from their computers and Wii game, the boys had “nothing to do”.  So, they found this old Atari game in a box and hooked it up.

One would think that with all the modern games out there, [...]

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Jun 27 2010

The Arsenal

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My boys are way into firearms and blades.

Dad made these and they are some of their favorite toys.
You’ll notice that in addition to the rifle, shotguns, pistols, sword and machete (which incidentally was made especially for a Jason – from Friday the 13th movie fame - costume last year), there is also a block of solid [...]

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