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Jul 22 2010

Pollinators Anonymous

On my last post, I talked about my husband’s every-morning activity in the garden.
Today, while he was out doing his thing, there were other pollinators in the garden along with him.  Here are a few shots of the company he kept:

I think this next fella was just trying to fit in.

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Jul 18 2010

Shared Affections

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It’s summertime.  And you know what that means?
It means I have to share my husband.
Every morning, from the time he wakes until right before lunchtime, he is in the their bed.
I really can’t blame him.  Just look at these beauties!

I try to keep up on my appearance.
I exercise.  Sometimes I even put on makeup.
I even get [...]

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Jul 17 2010

Oh, Deer!

Living out in the country has it’s benefits:
There’s the wildlife we see nearly daily,

Our ability to keep backyard chickens,

the joy of watching my children interact with those chickens,

and even the experience of watching the wildlife interact with the chickens.
We are also able to keep a large garden…

…which supplies us with a daily bounty during the summer,

…and even into the Winter.

We see deer [...]

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